The Wheel Zone

Once upon a time, when Danzel and Angel are talking about a Wheel competion next month…

Danzel: “Angel, i’m so excited to join The Wheel Competion with you!”
Angel: “Me too. Oh, i cant wait until next moth!”


Danzel: “Hey, what is this?”
Angel: “It’s a card, let’s read it!”
Danzel & Angel: “The Wheel Zone Card. You must collect 10 of these to get out from The Wheel Zone.”
Angel: “Huh, what kind of card is this?”
Danzel: “I dont know. Hey, look!”
Angel: “A hole ? I dont think i’ve seen it before.”
Danzel: “Let’s get closer and see what’s inside!”
Danzel & Angel: “Aaaa!”

Danzel and Angel Exploited to the hole and they find a big place, but they meet a Evil Girls there.

Sisca: “Screaming while landing? Such a scaredy cat.”
Danzel: “Hey, dont say that! We’re Roller Blader!”
Sisca: “I’m a Roller Blader too, duh!” (Showing her roller blade).
Angel: “But where are we?”
Sisca: “Are you stupid? We’re in Wheel Zone!”
Danzel: “Hey, i challenge you to have a roller blade racing with me. If i win, you cant mock me and my friend again.”
Sisca: “And if i lose, you can get my card. But if you lose, i’ll get your card !”
Danzel: “OK! Angel sit there!”.
Angel: “Ok!”

But on the race, Sisca push Danzel until Danzel fall and lose the game.

Danzel: “How dare you cheat me! You’re evil!”
Sisca: “Of course i am!” (Get Danzel card)
Danzel: “No!”

And then Sisc run away…

Angel: “Its okay, you’ll get your card back. By the way, it’s evening already, let’s look for a place to sleep.”
Danzel: “You’re rigth, we need to rest then we can beat that girl!”
Angel: “I think you need to practice too.”

After they found a good place to sleep, Danzel and Angel sleep. And the next day…

Angel: “Danzel, wake up!”
Danzel: “Hoamm. I’m hungry.”
Angel: “Let’s go find some food!”
Danzel: “Yeah!”

While they were looking for food…

Angel: “Danzel, look! I found fruit tree over here!”
Sisca: “Oh, nice to meet you again, LOSERS!”
Danzel: “What!?”
Angel: “Sorry, but may we have some of your fruits? We’re very hungry.”
Sisca: “Hmm… Nope!”
Danzel: “Let’s battle and if i win I’ll get your fruits!”
Kezia: “Wait! How about you battle me?”
Angel: : “Kezia?!”
Kezia: “So you still remember me, huh? You remember the last day we raced? That day i lost and run away from home. Were you and mom and dad looking for me? I lost to this place and then i met Sisca. Later on, i became evil, HAHAHA!”
Danzel: “Angel, is that your sister?”
Angel: “Yes, yes she is.” (Feeling sad)
Sisca: “Hello?? Can we start the battle now?”
Angel: “No battle!”
Danzel: “But Angel, why?!”
Angel: “Let’s go Danzel, let’s just find another food.”
Kezia: “Hahaha, bye freaks!”

And then Danzel and Angel continue their searching for food…

Danzel: “Arrgh, i’m so hungry…”
Vincent: “Hey, Bro, look! They look very pale, shall we share some of our food?”
Harry: “Yeah, let’s meet them.”
Vincent: “Excuse me… Do you want to eat with us?”
Danzel: “I want!”
Angel: “Hush, be polite, Dan. Yes, we’d like to, thank you so much.”
Harry: “Hi! I’m Harry and this is my brother, Vincent.”
Danzel: “You guys are very nice.”
Vincent & Harry: “Thanks!”
Angel: “Do you know Kezia?”
Vincent: “Kezia and Sisca? We know about them. We’ll tell you later after eat.”

After they finish their food, they talk about Kezia and Sisca and they decided to make team up to fight against Kezia and Sisce. Their team name is “The White Angels.” While in another place, the Evils are talking about The White Angels.

Kezia: “Girls, we need to beat them!”
Sisca: “Yeah! So we can collect the cards and get out from here!”
Trixie: “Hhm, i have a plan…”
Kezia: “What is it, Boss?”

Since that day, the Evils and The White Angels make plans ad practice so they can win on another race. 29 days later, they race and the Evils cheat as usual, but The White Angels still win!

The White Angels: “Horray!”
Angel: “I know we’re going to win!”
Danzel: “Good job, guys!”
Vincent: “But we still can’t get out now.”
Harry: “Yeah, we only have 9 cards each person.”
Angel: “Danzel, maybe we can’t get out today… So let’s just forget about The Wheel Competition tomorrow, ok?”
Vincent: “Guys, guys! I found 4 cards under a rock!”
Harry: “That means we can go out!”
Danzel: “Horay, we’re finally going out!”
Angel: “But how about my sister?”
Danzel: “Your sister is evil, why you’re still care about her? She cheated on you!”
Angel: “But still, she’s my sister and i lover her no matter what.”
Harry: “How about we search another cards for the Evils?”
Vincent: “That’s a good idea!”
Angel: “Agree!”

Later on, The White Angels found cards for The Evils and The Evils thanked them also apologized to her. And then they all get out from The Wheel Zone together.

-This is just a fiction story that created by Amirah Amalia-


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