Poem Of Love

Love is everywhere
Love gift colours to our life
Love makes happiness

Sometimes love can makes peace
But sometimes love can broke our heart too
Makes us feel hurt really deep
As deep as the ocean

Love can draw a rainbow in our heart
But it can put a grenade into our heart too
Love makes us laugh
Love makes us crazy

When we don’t know where to go
When we feel so cold
Love can makes us feel warmer
By huging our beloved ones

Love are soft
Love puts smiles on our face
Love can makes us feel better
But can be makes us feel worse too

Love are full of challanges
But at the end it will be beautiful

It can makes us feel like a butterfly
Which fly high to the sky
A very bright sky

Love makes us feel like sleeping in cloud
A very soft and warm cloud
Makes us feel so cozy
Very cozy

With love we can see stars
Sparkling stars

Even sometimes love makes us tired
But don’t let it make us down!
We must be ready for all the berriers
That will come toward us
-By: Amirah Amalia-


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