Hi there~ So, how’s your day doing? Today, my family was continuing the agenda (since yesterday) of eating together in like almost all the houses of my siblings. One of the houses i visited today was my cousin’s house which is placed near my school, so i often go there if i’m late being picked up. So by the way, let’s move on to the main topic. Well, today in my cousin’s house, i found a very small green spider which has red legs (i took pictures of it too, you can see one of the pict below this post). After that, i accompanied my toddler siblings to play at a play ground near there. Then, i got back to my cousin’s house, and there came a tragedy… My auntie said that there’s something on my hijab. And when i check it out…

Then i screamed so loud. But my mom and auntie calmed me down, they were counfused why was i so panic. Then my auntie got the thing on me… It was actually black twigs (which looks like spider feet) from the tree in play ground -,- Such a relief, tho it made me shy too…



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