Hi, fellas! Just wanted to tell you a happy new year ^_^ I wish for your resolutions this year (and mine) also  your wishes for this year (and mine) will come true. Good luck and have an awesome year! Is it just me or 2015 end so fast?

Every year, i celebrate new year with my friends at the neighbourhood. Last night, on new year’s eve, me and my friends played fun games (treasure hunt, athletics & candies rain) and did a midnight picnic in the park of my housing. We bought sooo many snacks for the picnic, happy tummy happy life.

When we were kids, we used to play a lot of games all day long, everyday. But since we’re getting older, we’re getting busier, we only spend time together every new year eve. We all miss those super fun childhood memories :’) We also miss our old friends that moved out.

When we were younger, we used to play Benteng, Zombie, Galaksin, Pokemon, Fairytale, Angel & Demon, Donald Duck, Aligator, PolMal, roller blade, ghost and stuff, Nintendo DS, Soccer, cycling, dolls, make up, bricks, sand, dance, cards, fake Indonesia Got Talent, and so many more.

One of the most memorable moment is when we were playing Benteng… At that time, my whole team was catched by the opponet team except me. I was guarding my ‘benteng’ alone. Then a boy came running toward me. I was afraid, i spontantly scream and kicked him until he flew away. I didn’t even know i was that strong.

Aaand do you believe that i was tomboy? When i was younger, i hate dressing up girly. I like to climb walls, play with boys and do soccer. But i don’t played soccer anymore for a veryyyy long time and it looks like i can’t play it anymore. Also, i used to like doing hip-hop dance and shuffle.


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