Hi there! I’m sorry for not posting in a long time. I was busy with extra curricular, homework, exams, and other school stuffs. But since i’m currently on holiday (yipee!), i’m trying to make some new posts. Well i haven’t make anything yet, but my buddy allow me to post a poem he made. So here you go. I hope you’ll like it as much as i do!


In a soulless night
In a lonely abyss
Wind whispers names
For i am bleeding

A name echoes
As it a distant hum
Every stabbing notes
My already crippled heart

You rescued me
You revived me
What is this jolt
Is it feelings

I was me
When you and i
Were us

I loved you
For who you are
When you loved him
For who he is

You were everything
Behind my smile
Behind my sorrow
Its you

I hope you knew
I hope you felt the same
Yet i’m nothing
A thoughtful shadow

Its been you
For all the years
It’ll always
Be you

Cr: A.M.T.


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